What’s an enemy? An enemy is an individual who doesn’t love you, meaning is someone who doesn’t want what is good for you. If he realizes that you are in a position to benefit something good for your life he’ll try all his best to cause you trouble so that you can face some difficulties and suffering in your life.

And most of the time enemies are behind the scene, it’s not easy to notice them when they at work because they are so crafty.
Enemy enjoys seeing you in hardship moment in life. Sometimes you would say that if you know who your enemy is you would destroy him first before he get over you. you know what? Jesus said: Love your enemies and pray for them those who persecute you. Is not that difficult?

Believe me yes it is. but it is not something impossible to handle once you know how it’s all good and easy. Here i am going to show you where destroying your enemies is against the law of love, there is something else you can do for your enemies to treat them very well and you will be living a very successful life around your enemy or enemies if you happen to manage in your life what i am going to show you now. Click here to keep reading.